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ShuttleCon, established in 2018 by Mitchell Meeker and William Garrison, is a leader in urban construction site transportation. With our extensive background in construction and logistics, we've identified and filled a critical gap in the market: providing efficient, reliable transportation for construction site workers.

Our exclusive focus on long-term construction projects sets us apart. This strategy enhances our operational efficiency, leading to reduced overhead costs. The benefit is twofold: we offer competitive pricing, often undercutting our competitors by 25% to 50%, and we ensure a steady, reliable service for our clients.

We specialize in rugged, durable shuttles designed specifically for the challenges of construction sites. Unlike companies that cater to corporate events or proms, our fleet is tailored for the tough conditions of construction logistics. Think of ShuttleCon as the construction industry's go-to for transportation, akin to Southwest Airlines in its commitment to focused, efficient service.

Our unique blend of construction experience and logistics expertise means we don't just move people; we contribute to the smooth operation of every construction project we serve. ShuttleCon is more than a shuttle service—it's a critical partner in construction site efficiency and management.

Choose ShuttleCon for your construction transportation needs – where expertise meets efficiency.


At ShuttleCon, we're redefining construction site transportation through cutting-edge innovation and technology. Central to our operations is the use of real-time GPS tracking, ensuring that every shuttle operates precisely on schedule, enhancing operational efficiency and reliability. This technological edge allows us to monitor routes, adapt to any on-site changes swiftly, and maintain a seamless flow of transportation.

Safety is paramount in our services. To uphold the highest safety standards, we've equipped our fleet with live stream dash cams. These cameras are active and recording at all times, providing an extra layer of security and accountability. This not only ensures the enforcement of safety protocols but also offers peace of mind to our clients, knowing that their personnel are in safe hands.

Furthermore, our focused business model – specializing exclusively in long-term construction contracts – positions us uniquely in the market. By streamlining our services to cater specifically to the construction industry, we significantly reduce overhead costs. This specialization allows ShuttleCon to offer superior services at a more affordable price compared to our competitors. We don't just promise efficiency and safety; we deliver it at a value that is unmatched, making ShuttleCon the smart choice for construction site logistics.

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